The new technology is called VoIP, or Voice Over IP,Brodaband(fasty call) phone - Conference calling - video Conferencing IP telephony software . VoIP is a replacement for a standard telephone and phone line. Actually there is no comparison between this new VoIP technology and the old phone lines. The speed and reliability of Voip Vonage, NetCentrex, Skype & Sonus are few of the leading providers of commercial business VoIP and residential VoIP telephony. We're hearing a lot about Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) these days. But what is Voip? IP Phone – Internet Protocol Phones: These are ‘special' phones. What is different about these phones is the electronics inside them and the fact these phones take an Ethernet cable connection (RJ-45) and also come equipped to plug into the router. Before selecting a vendor for your VoIP Hosted PBX service make sure they are equipped with the proper Network Management System (NMS) for their VoIP deployments. Did you know that there are free VoIP service providers who allow you to place free long distance phone calls? If you want to know more about this, you should join our newsletter, or buy the guide below. It is not cheap, but you'll learn VoIP providers are competing to replace large PBX systems for the corporations VoIP and add free web conference & conferencing capabilities plus wireless VoIP (wVoIP) over LAN's as well. Pc-to-Pc calls is the oldest and possibly the easiest way to get plugged into personal or business VoIP. Instead of using your IP phone to make calls through your broadband connection, you use your computer itself!

fassty call  phone - Conference calling - video Conferencing
IP telephony software
A list of great sites that provides free or cheap call and IP telephony, enjoy it

  Sending text messages (SMS) via FreeCall
FreeCall offers various ways to send ultra cheap text messages, from only 1 ct/message! You can use the FreeCall software or use the SMS option in your personal pages.

And it gets even better: Sending text messages via FreeCall is not only very cheap, you can also send messages to multiple mobile numbers AND decide when you want the messages to be sent.

For example: You can text all your friends your new years greetings without even touching your phone. Just schedule the messages to be sent at the desired moment and off you go!




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